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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Málaga Food News : Aceite - The omnipresent Olive Oil

In Spain, where olive oil is such an essential ingredient, like all over the Mediterranean. 

 " ...the essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet "

Absolutely everything gets fried in this precious commodity Some of the tastiest Spanish cooking includes; crackling fried anchovies, crispy croquettes, and golden fried potatoes. Foods cooked in olive oil absorb less oil than if fried in other oils, this means that the oil goes further and makes the fried food less greasy. After all olive oil is an essential part of the authentic Spanish flavour.

Fish or chicken need to be lightly coated in flour or some kind of light batter, but starchy foods like potatoes don´t need any coating.To fry in olive oil the ideal temperature needs to be 180ºC / 360ºF. The oil will be hot, but not smoking. At this temperature a crust forms around the food so the oil doesn’t saturate the food and also means it doesn't brown too quickly, allowing the interior of the food to cook thoroughly. Ideally cook the food in small batches to ensure that it is all cooked through and evenly.

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