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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

WINE: Our straightforward guide to ordering wine in Spain

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Ordering wine in Spain is pretty straightforward if you know how! 

"..Below is a quick guide to help you enjoy your wine and order precisely what you want..."

Tinto ~ Red Wine

Instead of the standard Rioja, why not try Ribera del Duera wines from central Spain. They are better value and just as good.

Tinto de Verano ~ Red Wine Spritzer

Served across the country, the cold summer drink is one part red wine, one part sparkling soda or water and in some places rum is added.

Crianza ~ An Aged Wine

A red that has been aged a minimum of two years with at least six months in a barrel. (White Crianza wines must be aged for at least one year.)

Rosado ~ Rose

Most Spanish rosados are made from Garnacha grapes or sometimes Tempranillo. Rosados can be quite dark in colour and are usually dry and tangy.

Cava ~ Sparkling Wine

Cava is Spain’s most popular sparkling wine Freixenet and Codorniu are its two main producers.

Blanco ~ White Wine

A good tip when ordering white wine is to order whatever is produced locally.

Rioja ~ Spain´s most famous Wine

This wine region produces medium-bodied reds that feature Tempranillo grapes. There are also Rioja whites, but the region is mostly famous for it´s red wine.

Reserva and Gran Reserva

Reserva red wine has spent a minimum of one year in oak and two years in a bottle,  while Gran Reserva has spent two years in oak and three years in a bottle. Gran Reserva is more expensive as it has been aged for longer.

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