Málaga province acknowledged as the food hub for southern Spain

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Málaga, is the food hub of southern Spain, in terms of produce and dining.

"Málaga, is the food hub of southern Spain..."

 Andalucía produces half of the world's olive oil, and most of it ends up being exported to Italy for bottling as Italian extra virgin. Andalucía has the best goat-breeders in Europe and unbelievably the French take 95% of the milk to make their cheeses. However, Málaga does keep it´s amazing sardines and anchovies and awesome shellfish. it also produces tropical fruits like mango and avocado and wonderful cane honey the last to be produced in Europe.

The landscape is very dry and steep and excellent for growing grapes for wine. It is the only region in Spain that produces red, white, rosé, dessert wines and sherries. Until recently, Andalucíans were almost ashamed to talk about their cuisine and offer it to visitors and it buried the old recipes, which they associated with the past, and with being poor. They have come to realise that this cuisine is part of their identity, their culture and their stunning landscape. These days many of the finest restaurants in the Málaga province offer the age old traditional recipes that use seasonal produce, which are a hit with locals and tourists alike.


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