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Friday, 15 January 2021

Málaga Wellbeing News : That extra cup of coffee in the morning ...

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Two recent studies that have just been published on the consumption of coffee.                         

"...It was found that it could be good for your health and even make you live a little longer..."

According to one study people who drank two to four cups of coffee a day had an 18% lower risk of death compared with people who did not drink coffee. 

One of the studies that has recently been  published looked at individuals from 10 European countries and the other study concentrated on individuals from all ethnic groups. The new studies shows that there is a stronger biological possibility for the relationship between coffee and longevity and found that mortality was conversely related to coffee consumption for a range of diseases including; heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease, and revealed an opposite association between coffee and liver disease, suicide in men, cancer in women, digestive diseases and circulatory diseases. Those who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had a lower risk for various causes of death than people who did not drink coffee. 

Both studies separated smokers from nonsmokers, since smoking is known to reduce lifespan and is linked to various deceases. However, they found that coffee had opposite effects on mortality for smokers too. The studies showed that smoking doesn't seem to blunt the effects of coffee, it didn't matter whether you smoked or not. There was still a potential beneficial affect of coffee on mortality. So the consensus is enough, keep drinking it as it seems as if it is doing you some good!

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