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Monday, 18 January 2021

MÁLAGA FOOD NEWS: TRIPADVISOR - Beware of bogus reviews

Many people use TripAdvisor for local reviews when looking for places to eat

"Ask the locals where they recommend ..."

There have been articles in the press recently about the merits of using TripAdvisor when looking for Restaurant Recommendations. It has been alleged that many bar and restaurant owners on the Costa del Sol are paying to have fake reviews posted on TripAdvisor to falsely increase their ratings. Restaurants should start at the bottom and over the course of 18 months should slowly move up the listings based on genuine client reviews. 

One local restaurant on the Costa del Sol was in the top five two weeks before it had even opened, while another had five star reviews every day despite only being open six weeks.

TripAdvisor have said that they are aware of the malpractice citing the case of a man in Italy who was recently jailed for nine months for selling fake reviews on TripAdvisor in what the travel website hailed as a landmark ruling. The unnamed businessman, who ran a website tried to sell more than 1,000 fictional reviews to hundreds of restaurants and hotels as a way of boosting their rankings, as well as the jail term, he was ordered to pay €8,000 in costs and damages.

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