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Food & Drink News ~ The first volume of `Bullipedia´ will be launched in November

Posted By Málaga Food Guide on Thursday, 11 October 2018 | 14:58

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Spain´s most famous chef is publishing 35 volumes of his culinary encyclopedia.

" is a project that will take many years to complete..."

Ferran Adria whose El Bulli restaurant was named the best in the World on five occasions, is helping to create a definitive culinary encyclopedia, with the first volume due to be released this November. Ferran is Spain’s most famous chef of all time, so his involvement in this culinary project which is to be called `Bullipedia´ is totally understandable. 

The 35-volume collection will take years to create, in total, there will be nine separate books on drinks alone, each 500 pages long,  this is before the food sections even start. He is now beginning the second part of the Bebidas section, exploring the history, composition and culture of beverages.

Adria shocked the gastronomic world when he closed the world famous El Bulli in 2011.He became head chef of El Bulli at 24, he now runs a cookery school at the same El Bulli venue, in Catalunya, and travels the world as a food diplomat. His encyclopedias will be released over the coming five years, and each book will cost around €75.

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