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Why lunch in Spain is so unlike anywhere else | Food News

Posted By Málaga Food Guide on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 | 13:57

It is true the Spanish love their food, but they especially enjoy going out for lunch.

"...the best thing about lunch in Spain is the sobremesa"

It is commonly known that the Spanish are a nation of food lovers. Whether it be meeting for tapas and drinks or gathering for an extended celebratory lunch. However, despite their passion for food, it is not so much about the eating, but more about the sobremesa. There isn´t really a literal translation for the word, but it basically means the time spent at the table after the food is eaten.

It is fair to say that the sobremesa is it not something that the Spanish do every day, or necessary every week, often it is a Birthday or Anniversary or a family Sunday get together. Also, it rarely takes place after dinner, it is generally only at lunch. It spans the generations from the young to the old as the family bond is still held in high regard in Spain. Sometimes the sobremesa can go on for longer than the actual eating of the lunch. It is a time spent catching up with family or friends, telling jokes, reminiscing and keeping the bond of family and or friends together.


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