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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Málaga Food Guide - The eponymous Lumumba

Málaga Food Guide - The eponymous Lumumba.
By Málaga Foodie @malagafoodie 

Not just a Hot Drink to warm the cockles in colder times but also a Cold Drink and a Cocktail. but for February I am going to concentrate on the Hot Lumumba.

There are literally hundreds of recipes for the traditional Hot Lumumba but I am a bit of an aficionado so would like to share my recipe. In essence its hot chocolate with (usually) dark rum and these are the basic constituents of my recipe but adding a few ingredients takes my Lumumba to a difference level!

What you will need:

A large Mixing Jug
4 Glass Mugs to serve


Hot Chocolate Powder
Good quality dark Hot Chocolate powder, ideally, if you can find it in the magical deli´s of Malaga - Swiss but Mercadona now do a dark chocolate version of their Hot Chocolate and this in my opinion is pretty near the mark.

Dark Rum - Any reasonable dark rum is all that's needed.
Cream - For best results use aerosol cream.
Chocolate - Dark Chocolate bar for decoration (Keep in Freezer until required)
Nutmeg for Grating
Orange for Zesting

Method for 4 Mugs
  • Boil/Microwave 4 mugs of milk
  • Paste together 4 heaped teaspoons of  Chocolate Powder with a little cold milk  
  • Pour the paste into the mixing jug and add 4 "tots" of dark rum to the paste. 
  • Add the hot milk stirring all the time. 
  • Grate Nutmeg over the top.
  • Then add a further "tot" at the last minute and don not stir! 
  • Pour into the four mugs. Finish off with a generous squirt of cream  (Don't forget to shake the car vigorously!) 
  • Sprinkle over Orange Zest
  • Remove the dark Chocolate from the freezer. Using a vegetable peeler scrape of some shards of the frozen chocolate and scatter over the cream.

Yum - Enjoy!

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