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Friday, 19 March 2021

Well being - Torrox Registration Campaign for Residents

The Local Council of Torrox has launched a Registering Campaign with the aim of updating the data of residents in the municipality, including those who are not censused and ESPECIALLY THOSE PEOPLE OF FOREIGN NATIONALITY who have not registered or who have not renewed the document. 

The objective is to make the big leap and pass, for the first time in its history, the barrier of the 20,000 inhabitants, a figure that is in fact oversized in certain periods, but without official consistency, so that, in addition to avoiding the loss and ageing of our population, it is intended to improve the provision of public funds for the municipality. 

Addressing the difference between the Data of the Consistory, which indicates that there are 18,756 people censused, compared to 15,098 with an NIE. The promotion of the campaign is to give the necessary push for the municipality to reach more than 20,000 inhabitants, which would entail great advantages at the budgetary level. SO AS A RESIDENT THERE IS NO EXCUSE! 

The government team of Torrox, through the different councillors, will promote advantageous actions for the residents of the municipality, such as the use of municipal sports facilities or participation in cultural activities for free. 

An action plan has been developed that has taken particular account of local and some provincial media. 
Thus, the presentation of the campaign at a press conference, which had excellent media coverage, added the dissemination of promotional material in the form of graphic creatives for digital and paper media, radio segments, and on social networks through the hashtag #Contigo20mil  

Head to The Multi-Purpose Building of the Coast or the Mayor's Tenure of El Morche, to register or to make sure that all paperwork is Up To Date and start enjoying the advantages. 

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