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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Lifestyle - Ways we can reduce food waste and be kinder to the planet

Everybody is becoming more aware of the Climate Crisis and each and every one of us can start by making changes. One area we can all do our bit to help is by reducing the amount of food we waste. It is not only good for the planet, but also our finances and our diet.

Food production accounts for a quarter of the global greenhouse gas emissions, and frighteningly about a third of the world’s food goes to waste. Tons of vegetables, fruits, grains and animal products are spoiled during transportation and distribution or later disposed of in homes, supermarkets and restaurants. It is estimated that the global wastage of food is over a billion tons. 

To reduce food waste:

Plan ahead before going to the shops and only buy what you need.

Do not overload your fridge. This can prevent air circulation and make food spoil faster.

Store fruits and vegetables unwashed in the fridge to prevent moulding.

Remove the bands around vegetables. This will let them breathe and stay fresh longer.

Herbs like parsley, basil, mint and dill can be kept like a bouquet of flowers in a glass of water changing the water if regularly.

Herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage can be wrapped in a damp towel and put in an airtight container.

Don't store Potatoes in a plastic bag, keep them in a mesh bag or basket, away from onions.

Remove bananas from their store packaging and keep them on the kitchen counter.

Check berries before storing, and remove any that are going bad. Berries need space to breathe, so line a large container with a dry paper towel and place them inside.

If you have an abundance of fresh produce then cut the produce and freeze. Frozen vegetables will last up to 6 months and can be used for stews, soups and smoothies. 

Have a meat-free day, for inspiration many cuisines like Indian, Middle Eastern or Mexican are rich in vegetable dishes. 

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