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Friday, 21 April 2023

FOOD HACKS: Stop Meat & Fish Sticking to the Pan

FOOD HACKS: Stop Meat & Fish Sticking to the Pan
Posted By: Málaga Food Guide - Gibraltar & Málaga

22nd May 2023

There’s nothing worse that meat and even more so fish, sticking and usually leaving the delicious crispy skin or cooking crust on meat firmly on the bottom of the pan!

Where fish is concerned its worth remembering that while fish is relatively low in Fat it is very high in Protein and it is that Protein that causes fish and for that matter chicken to stick to your pan usually leaving either delicious skin or the cooking crust from meat firmly stuck in the bottom of the Pan!  

But enough of the "science" lets address the key areas to concentrate on when cooking your next fish or chicken dish.

1. MAKE SURE THE PAN IS HOT! This single factor contributes to the sticking problem probably more than all the others put together. (More Science: Heat helps break the bond between the pan and the protein) 

2. USE ENOUGH OIL or Oil/Butter Combo. We favour Oiling the produce NOT the Pan

3. DON´T FIDDLE. Yes be Patient - Dont Fiddle! When the produce moves over the surface of the pan on light shaking its done on that side. 

4. FINISH OFF WITH HEAT. When you are satisfied that the produce is cooked on one side to your liking flip it carefully, Turn the heat off completely and let the residual heat complete the cooking process.

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