The Málaga Food Guide 2018

Food and Wine Tours

One of the main attractions of Málaga is it´s food and wine. The infamous Mediterranean diet and the historic Moorish influences in Andalucia, ensures that the food will not disappoint. With an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly baked bread, fish caught daily, great olive oil and some of the finest wines and sherries produced here in Andalusia, it really is a foodies heaven. To celebrate this there are various food and wine tours available for you to enjoy and sample the delights that the province has to offer.

Spain Food Sherpas
C/Lazcano, 8. 1st floor (102), Malaga, 29008, | Tel: 952 210 307
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The Sherpas guide you to those small culinary paradises difficult to get to, revealing the best routes & the secrets of Malaga. They also have cooking classes, where they take you to buy the best produce & then teach you to cook some classic local dishes.

Malaga Foodie Tours
Calle Río 17, 1°, Málaga, 29002 | Tel: 650 223 338
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One of the best Food & Culture Experiences in Málaga. In less than a few days you will be a local, feel like a local & experience like a local. Selection of Tours: Málaga Gourmet Tour, Málaga Night Tapas Tour, Pairing Dinner Tour, Ronda Tapas Tour.

Tannin Trail
P/ de Reding, 43, 1 Izq, Malaga, 29016 | Tel: 674 187 559
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Wine & food tours in Andalucia. Discover some of the finest, award
wining red, white and rosé wines at intimate boutique wine cellars, accompanied by tapas and end your day with a traditional afternoon lunch at one of the vineyards.